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Inflatable Chesterfield Lounge
Inflatable Chesterfield Lounge

This impressive Inflatable White Chesterfield Lounge by Blofield Air Design is always a crowd pleaser. Elegant, Designer furniture with a fun twist. It is sturdy and robust, will go anywhere - perfect for indoors or outdoors. Also available in Black and Red in a Single Armchair, 2-Seat Lounge and 4-Seat Lounge.

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Illuminated (Battery) Table Centrepieces

The battery operated table centres were born in response to a need by venues and clients alike to provide an attractive table centre and light source without the need for candles (candles are not permitted in some venues).

Many of our illuminated Table Centrepieces start with a “light box”, a battery operated spot light positioned on a small black rectangular or hexagonal box containing a battery pack, this provides strong illumination for 5-6 hours.

This box forms the base for a number of centrepiece options. On top of the light box we can place either a vase or a variety of other shades. The light will shine up through the vase and illuminate the flowers in a unique fashion that has become very popular for both corporate and private events. The biggest advantage of the battery operated light is that it avoids the need to have the traditional flower arrangement spot lit from above. If the black base does not suit your event, a simple fabric wrap in a colour of your choice disguises and softens the look of the box.

Most of the centrepieces in this category sit over the light of the box or are placed on a customised platform to give stability when needed e.g. for vases.

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